About MSE

We are an experience and professional services company ready to meet your needs

About Us

Our projects are large and small, public and private, new and historic. We are very proud of our client service and professional history and offer our valued clients a diverse team of professionals having a unique blend of expertise in our field.

In addition to being a fully licensed, bonded and insured abatement services provider, MSE is involved with continuing education in the industry. Furthermore, we ensure our team is certified in new technologies and extraction methods and we maintain our implementations in strict accordance with state and Federal guidelines and requirements.

Our Team

Steve Bramlett has been in Contractor Abatement for many years. Mr. Bramlett has years of experience working in Asbestos, Lead, and Microbial Abatement solutions.



Martin Tecuanhuey strives to uphold the highest standards in the industry. He is qualifed in Contractors Abatement services and has extensive experience in the field.