MSE Environmental offers professional services for your home or commercial property

What MSE Does

MSE Environmental provides safe, efficient, clean and high quality services to our customers. In our fast-changing industry, we work towards a safe environment and offer our customers innovative solutions.

With our experienced and knoweledgable team, we have successfully completed many projects. Our combined experience exceeds 30+ years. This gives us unsurpassed competence and elevates us to one of the most experienced environmental companies in the state of California.

Our California State license number is 929717 and we have the following licenses B, ASB, Haz. and our DOSH Registration is #960.

Hazardous Substance Removal

Since 1990, the Joint Federal Task Force, consisting of the DEA and the EPA, has worked to inform as well as protect the public from the effects of clandestine drug labs. MSE Environmental is a proud part of the cleanup efforts of these illegal drug laboratories, and carries out safe procedures for the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. We hold a Hazardous Substance Removal Certification, which qualifies us for the efficient remediation of contaminants from specified sites, allowing for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Asbestos Abatement

Found in many structures built before 1980s, asbestos is often discovered during renovation, remodeling or natural disasters. Asbestos can be any of several minerals that separate into long, threadlike fibers. Because certain varieties do not burn and do not conduct heat or electricity, they were used for making fireproof materials, electrical insulation, roofing, filters, and much more. Asbestos abatement is the process of removing this material.

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Lead Abatement

Used extensively for interior and exterior residential surfaces, toys & furniture from the 40s to the late 1970s, lead-based paint was banned in 1978 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Remodeling dust can be poisonous. An invisible hazard and threat for children and adults. The EPA recently proposed new regulations. About 38 million homes or 40% of the nation’s housing contain lead-paint. Call us for a quote on Lead Abatement services.

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Mold Remediation

Mold contamination, a common occurrence in water-damaged buildings, is a proven serious health risk; immediate removal is key. If the home or building has had current or past water damage, particularly to building materials, a microbial investigation is warranted. In cases where water damage has developed over a period of time, an analytical survey will be taken to determine the most effective remedial method. Contact us today to schedule youre mold evaluation.

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